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Sonali Shivlani - Executive Director CAPPA India

CAPPA IndiaSonali Shivlani is the Executive Director of CAPPA India. She has been a CAPPA certified member since 2004 and setting up the India branch has been her dream project. CAPPA India was launched in October 2009 and since then has seen more than 500 students take up the different training programs.

Sonali is a pregnancy and post natal consultant and holds certifications in the following:

  • Childbirth Educator (CAPPA)
  • Lactation Educator (CAPPA)
  • Pregnancy Fitness Educator (CAPPA)
  • Labor Doula (CAPPA)
  • New Parent Educator (CAPPA)

She is also certified in Nutrition Counselling, Infant Massage and Baby Bonding.
Sonali is the Director of the Certified Pregnancy Fitness Educator Program which focuses on Fitness during and post pregnancy.

Personal social media handles:

  • Instagram: @sonalishivlani
  • Facebook: @baby360degrees
  • LinkedIn: @sshivlani

For more information you can contact the CAPPA office on: