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Student Testimonials

What CAPPA means to our Members:

Dr Jui Shinde Patil: CAPPA has acted as a gardener, whose made my soul and life blossom... It got sun in my mornings and moon in my nights!!! Thank you so much!!

Shalu Chhabra: I am honored to be a part of CAPPA.MY certification with CAPPA has helped me realize my dreams and potential. Thanks for giving me the tools to put my actions where my passions are.

Anupama Kumar: CAPPA has empowered me so that I am able to reach out and help a lot of women now. I feel blessed.

Aradhana Jaggi: CAPPA has been a turning point in my life! It has opened new horizons for me as I get to work with and help women in the most important months of their lives! - Aradhana Jaggi (CCCE)

Bijal Sarkar: CAPPA certificate has given me a complete new scope of understanding child birth myself and has given me opportunity to share the same with all women around me. There is so much fear, doubts and myths around it become difficult for woman to know what is right and what is not for them. Through the educational course of CAPPA Child birth educator it has become so easy to make women understand the entire process of child birth, make them understand what is right what is not.
I would like to thank CAPPA & SONALI SHIVLANI for getting CAPPA education to India and helping us to learn and know and teach other women about Child birth and the entire process.

Maina Shet: Ever since the day i had breastfeeding issues some 7 years back with my first, i knew that i had to get out there and help others too since no one in my city had a clue as to what was happening. Herein came CAPPA, whose distance education program on being a Lactation Educator has given me enough insights and knowledge through its thorough syllabus and friendly mentors to get the confidence to go put there and put them to some good use.
The Certification process has not been very challenging but at the same time has not been too easy either. It had assignments which really gave a good hands on picture of the issues and insights needed to become an counselor. My mentor Sonali Shivlani has been of tremendous help by being patient, understanding and motivating me through out the 2.5 years of the program.
CAPPA will certainly shine through me, here in my city by reaching out to mothers in need of help and guidance.

Lukmita Pawaskar: I feel awesome to be a part of CAPPA Family. Thanks a lot for helping me reach my Goals.

Pratibha Gulati: CAPPA certification has empowered me to impart wisdom and guidance to pregnant women for "Giving Birth Confidence

Tanya Noronha: CAPPA’s certification process not only lays down the basis for a well structured program for childbirth classes but also helps the trainer gain an “all access” window to any doubts or queries that the trainer might overcome. Getting certified with CAPPA helped me gain this confidence in imparting care and information to first-time moms. I am so grateful that this body of individuals comprising of experienced doctors, mid-wives, nurses etc. have one focus, and that is “the woman and birth” and I applaud this institution for their dedicated work on “empowering childbirth”!!!

Dana Hardy: The experience at the training was just what I needed. I am an American nurse living in India, so the training taught me not only about pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding but also about how these periods in a woman's life occur within an Indian context. I am thankful for this training experience. Currently, I am teaching pregnancy, childbirth and lactation class in surrounding villages near my home in local language; Hindi. This would have been impossible without CAPPA's training here.