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CAPPA in India was launched in October 2009. All programs offered by CAPPA India are part of CAPPA International and are valid Internationally. In essence we offer Global Training but Locally. Training Workshops are conducted in India as well as online and each student has access to a local mentor. The International curriculum is kept intact and the Indian elements have been added to ensure that each student who certifies is able to work successfully in the Indian environment.

CAPPA Certified professionals in India have all found their position either in private practice or in hospitals working in the Ob/Gyn department as counselors.

CAPPA India is headed by Sonali Shivlani who is a certified Child Birth, Lactation and Child Nutrition Counselor. She has been running India’s leading Pregnancy classes and post natal programs in Mumbai since 2004.

The Indian chapter of the organization aims to bring childbirth professionals to every part of the Indian sub-continent. Pregnancy, child birth and the post-natal period is one of the most important in the family life cycle and we believe that with the right support it can be an enjoyable and enriching experience.