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Lalitha Devi Sree – CAPPA Senior Trainer – Childbirth Educator – Andhra and Telangana.

CAPPA India Dr.Lalitha(PT), physiotherapist by profession is our master trainer for CAPPA CBE program from 2018.
She is an internationally certified prenatal yoga trainer and Co-founder of Global Women's Association for OBG rehabilitation formerly known as GLOWPT.

Lalitha is presently providing her services as CBE and OBG rehab in-charge for YASHODA Hospitals Hyderabad.
With her expertise in this field Lalitha conducted plenty of  Birth Education classes through which she educated and counselled hundreds of mothers in labor, lactation and exercise programs and make their journey ease in perinatal period..
With her passion towards women's health care, she designed her path both clinically and academically through CAPPA being our master trainer and educator with aim of helping expectant mothers and family and motivating students to become educators.